University Specialist Employment Partnership (USEP)

CBS Inc. has collaborated with Flinders University and the University of Adelaide to deliver the University Specialist Employment Partnership (USEP). USEP is a national initiative that aims to assist University graduates with a disability, to gain graduate roles post University.

Statistics show that students with a disability are 11% less likely to gain a graduate role, however by incorporating a CBS Inc. consultant into the model, we are changing that.

Through USEP, we assist students across all disciplines and with disabilities into their chosen graduate field of employment. Some of the fields CBS Inc. and USEP have placed students into include Government, Occupational Therapy, Software Development, Nursing and Social Work.

Our USEP consultant assists students in their final year or recently graduated by:
• Applications and cover letters
• Understanding the employment market and workplace
• Gaining professional development and volunteering opportunities
• Gaining placements and internships
• Disclosure –understanding their attributes and also their supports
• Advocating to employers

USEP can support employers by:
• Having exclusive access to University graduates ready to work
• Information and education about how to diversify the workplace
• Understanding how a graduate with a disability can be an asset for employers
• Facilitating workplace modifications and supports if needed
• Support – a consultant to talk assist with ongoing support

To find out more, please contact our USEP consultant on 8179 4100 or

Dr Nick Takos |BEc., MBA (Sport Mgt) I  Lecturer/Researcher – Sport and Recreation Management, University of South Australia | Business with Juan Pablo Ponce De Leon in cap and gown with his degree.

CBS Inc was very proud to see Juan Pablo Ponce De Leon graduate from UniSA last week with a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management. He started this in 2014 and has showed perseverance and resilience to complete the degree whilst working full time in retail and being a carer. CBS Inc. has assisted with mentoring through the USEP program which is available to all students with a disability studying at Flinders University and University of Adelaide.

Graduate testimonial

“I wanted to thank you again for all your help – it was really great knowing that I had your support (along with Flinders) for not only this application but with others too. So thank you!”- Jack, USEP participant 2020