Hospitably Inclusive Project (HI Project)

Do you want a career in Hospitality? Have a love of coffee and are great at talking to people? Then the HI Project is right for you!

Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. have partnered with Sprout Cooking School and Flinders University Nutrition & Dietetics (FUND) unit to prepare people with disabilities for work in hospitality. The HI Project is much more than just a training program. It specialises in catering to people with disability. Graduates earn the “Inclusive Waiter” badge which you can wear to show your customers you are able to understand their needs.

Thanks to Sprout co-owner Callum Hann’s involvement in MasterChef Australia, you will be training alongside the best in Adelaide! Over 12 weeks, you’ll learn everything you need to know to jump start your hospitality career.

The HI Project is designed and delivered alongside people with disability in an accessible way to make sure that its open to all people with a love of Hospitality.

Currently the project is open to people aged 15-35 years old in Adelaide.

Why should I join the HI Project?

This is a great entry-level opportunity for a career in hospitality for people with disability, you just need to have a passion for hospitality!

During the accredited training, students will learn:

What does it take to join the HI Project?

If you have a big appetite for learning (and are ok about mixing with celebrities!), we will show you the rest. What you need is listed below.

  • Passion – You are driven, motivated and able to bring a positive energy and attitude.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Able to listen, communicate and connect.
  • Ability to travel – You can travel between Hilton and in the Adelaide CBD.

Why should I employ graduates of the HI Project?

The hospitality sector struggles to secure career employees. Research shows venues that employ people with disability:

  • have improved business turnover and staff retention
  • report a great improvement in guest loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • experience fewer sick days and greater staff reliability.

As the employer, the new and innovative HI Project training will be on the student’s clock. Graduates will come to you with valuable entry level experience.

You will have free access to the “Employer Tool Kit” to help you feel empowered to hire HI Project graduates and understand areas where inclusion can be considered within your venue.

The Training

12-weeks 2 days a week (12 hr-per-week)

Group 1: 31st January, 2022
Group 2: 28th February, 2022
Group 3: 26th April, 2022


How do I apply for HI Project training?

If you are aged between 15-30, submit your application with your CV and a cover letter (1-page max) to letting us know why you are the best candidate for the HI Project training. Contact Amelia on 0422 214 733.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted to complete a short interview as part of the next stage of the recruitment process.