Aim Higher

An initiative developed by Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc., Aim Higher is providing expert career planning and education to students with a disability in schools across metropolitan, regional and remote South Australia.

Working collaboratively with schools and parents, Aim Higher is striving to best prepare students with a disability for a wide range of career options, with a central focus on open employment.

CBS Inc. has identified that often the only option presented to some young people with a disability is Australian Disability Enterprises, where they earn well below the national minimum wage and deeply struggle to progress into the open labour market.

We know that meaningful open employment based on a person’s strengths and interests provides substantial benefits and has consistently shown to be a key indicator of quality of life and wellbeing.

While barriers to accessing open employment are all too prevalent, we also know that it is an achievable reality with the right preparation and support.

Aim Higher has been developed to help address these barriers through providing key information, expert preparation and ongoing support.

Available to all students with a disability in year 9+.

Aim Higher can visit your school and provide:

Information Sessions:

The Aim Higher team will visit your school to present to parents and teachers:

  • The relevant supports available to assist with finding and keeping a job
  • Contrasts between open employment and supported employment
  • Introduce pathways to open employment

Sessions will be co-presented by a client, who is able to share their first-hand, relatable experience.

Classroom Workshops:

Once your school has expressed interest, the team will visit during school hours to help students with individualised and expert support in exploring and identifying employment directly related to students:

  • Interests
  • Strengths
  • Values
  • Goals and options

The team will also support students to complete a Career Action Plan.

Work Discovery and Experience:

Once the Career Action Plan has been completed, students can get started in their chosen career! Aim Higher is here to help students with:

  • Real world employment exposure and experience
  • Ongoing support from our disability employment officers

For further information or to book Aim Higher for your school, please contact the Aim Higher team on 0476 778 127, or at