Culture & Values

Our Culture is open, non-judgemental and transparent.

Our Values are demonstrated by our commitment to high ethical standards and strengths based model that drive our priorities, commitments and organisational decisions. Our reputation is our ultimate asset, and these core values guide our behaviours and how we accomplish our vision. Our values are reflected through our beliefs, knowledge and ethics.

Person centred

Through participant led choice and control, we look to create positive change. By placing each person at the centre of our services, we focus on what they can do, their needs, interests and future goals. At CBS Inc., we welcome participant’s opinions, ideas, and decision making.

Strengths based inclusive approach

Our participants strengths and interests underpin the holistic and individualised approach we have to service delivery. We create opportunities for success, positive change, meaningful participation and active inclusion in the community.


Guided by our culture and values, we show integrity by being open, honest and transparent. We assure and maintain our relationships with each other, our stakeholders and partners through mutual trust and respect.

Reliability and adaptability

We are reliable and adaptable through genuine relationships, consistency and open communication. We guide our participants in a changing environment towards independence and achieving positive outcomes.

Commitment to Excellence

We empower our staff and participants to lead through innovation and creative thinking. We strive to increase our knowledge and quality through best practice, professional development and continuous improvement.