Jobnet – for Employers

CBS Inc. supports people with disabilities to find and maintain open employment. We want to help your business thrive and give people with disabilities the opportunity to contribute to our economic future. CBS Inc. is a Not for Profit South Australian organisation, operating for over 25 years. We have a strong connection with the community and are invested in supporting local business and the South Australian economy to build a more inclusive workforce.

CBS Inc. is able to offer a variety of services to assist your business at no cost through:

  • A tailored staff recruitment service
  • Education and training for our clients to succeed in your business
  • Assistance with Awards, job descriptions, payslips
  • Insured work trials
  • Youth Internships
  • On-the-job support
  • Ongoing support to our clients for the duration of employment if needed
  • Disability awareness training for your workplace
  • Personal development support to our clients
  • Wage and training subsidies to support your business.

There are multiple benefits to hiring staff with disabilities including:

  • Reliable – People with disabilities take fewer days off, take less sick leave and stay in jobs longer than other workers
  • Affordable – Recruitment costs are lower
  • Safe – Australian (Deakin University 2002) and overseas studies have found that workers with disabilities are no more likely to be injured at work than other employees.
  • Good for business- Real cost savings are realised through less turnover, recruitment, and retraining costs. Hiring people with disabilities adds to your organisation’s overall diversity.


Do you have staff struggling to maintain their position due to their disability?

CBS Inc. can provide assistance and support to help your employee maintain employment through our Work Assist program, at no cost to the employer.
If you would like to know how CBS Inc. can help your business and create a more inclusive workforce, please contact us on 8224 2900 or at