Individual Placement & Support

Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. and Country Health SA Local Health networks (CHSALHN) have formed a partnership to deliver Individual Placement and Support (IPS) programs across 3 different sites in South Australia: Murraylands, Riverland and Port Pirie.

IPS is an evidence based employment support model that helps people with severe mental illness work in employment based on each individual’s preference. This is the first time an IPS partnership and program has been delivered in South Australia.

The partnership aims to support a minimum of 60 individuals with a significant mental health condition to gain competitive employment.

1 in 5 South Australians will be affected by a mental illness in any given year. Employment plays a vital role in the life and recovery of people with lived experience of mental illness. IPS is a multidisciplinary approach with Mental Health Clinicians and Employment Specialists working closely together to support IPS consumers.

CBS Inc. is excited to be working with CHSALHN as partners to improve recovery and employment outcomes for people with a significant mental issue within our local communities. CBS Inc. acknowledges that people with a mental illness should have the opportunity to be employed and contribute to their communities as part of their recovery process.

Further information on Individual Placement and Support programs can be sourced from the CBS IPS Coordinator:
Tim Wiseman
IPS Program Coordinator, Murraylands, Riverland andĀ Port Pirie
(08) 8532 6133
IPS Finalist certificate
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