Disability Employment Services

The JobneGraduating Participants Job Readyt Employment Program assists people with a disability, illness, injury and/or disadvantage to find and maintain open employment.

The CBS Inc. Jobnet Employment Program is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS).

The Jobnet Employment Program supports people with a disability to find and maintain open employment based on their strengths and interests.  This program is divided into two services: Disability Management Services (DMS) which assists people with a disability, illness or injury by providing short-term support, and Employment Support Services (ESS) which assists people with a disability by providing long-term support.

The Jobnet Employment Program is for people with a disability who require ongoing assistance to find and keep a job in open employment.

The Jobnet Employment Program can assist you to decide the type of work you would like and to get a job.  We can assist you to develop the skills to work in your area of interest through work observations, training and work experience.

Our programs are located across South Australia, with a number of offices servicing the metropolitan Adelaide and Rural regions.

Helping to retain valuable employees is one of our services.

We provide a service aptly named Work Assist to assist employees at risk of losing their job.

Want to know more?

Pre-employment training includes:

  • identifying goals
  • applying for jobs
  • communication
  • telephone techniques
  • workplace rights and responsibilities
  • interview skills
  • resumes
  • occupational health, safety and welfare
  • developing personal skills
  • conflict management
  • identifying work opportunities
  • personal presentation
  • positive interactions
  • job search skills
  • work visits

For more information please contact:

Amanda Ward
Jobnet Regional Manager
(Adelaide Metro)

  (08) 8224 2900

 email Amanda

Liz Loizeau
Jobnet Regional Manager
(Rural & Remote)

(08) 8633 3100

 email Liz

Helen Altmann
Regional Coordinator
(Mid North & North West)

(08) 8641 1882

email Helen

Tim Wiseman
Regional Coordinator
(Murraylands & Riverland)

(08) 8532 6133

email Tim

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