CBS Inc. Invests and Expands School to Work NDIS Supports

CBS Inc. is investing further in our effective and growing school2work (S2W) and adult NDIS employment supports. S2W delivers practical training to help prepare participants for life after school and into work. CBS Inc. NDIS employment supports delivers tailored training to people.

Being an early provider of these services in S2W through NDIS, SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports funding) the positive effect of our adult model of pre-employment education training is gaining traction and results.

A new office fully dedicated to S2W will be opened in late May this year, providing increase resourcing, flexibility and specialisation. The location will be in the Aurora on Pire Building where the CBS Inc. central main offices are located at 147 Pirie Street, on Hindmarsh Square. The dedicated fulltime office and meeting venue will be suite 208 on the second floor.

Gabby Jones, CBS Inc. Manager of the S2W stated that “Our model of participant involvement, decision making and adult learning is proven to be effective in motivating and preparing young people with a disability to take their next steps into adult life. Making their own decisions and learning the benefit of adult patterns of life and work is resulting in early graduates entering open employment at their benchmark hours and this has been motivating for all of us involved. Our ability to provide a scaffolded pathway whilst participants are still at school, through S2W and on to open employment with the same staff sets us apart.”

In response to the range of participant interests and development, an individualised increase of choice of experiences are being provided. This is creating streams of interests that participants can move in and out of as they learn and grow. Increase in resourcing has helped to achieve this.

Being located within the heart of the city and investing in quality equipment and infrastructure is providing many varied opportunities for work visits, guest speakers, work trial placements and open employment. Freddie Brincat (OAM) said, “Access is available with our partners to include adult life skills, recreational learnings and social experiences. Participants regularly gather to have coffee and lunch during breaks at local cafes and can experience the positive modelling effect this has while being part of city life.”

The expansion of S2W and NDIS pre-employment support has occurred in the northern Adelaide suburb of Salisbury and more recently, been established in Port Augusta and Murray Bridge. All staff involved are trained and supported through our main S2W office in Adelaide while receiving local support in regions from experienced Disability Employment (DES) staff. Each regional program has dedicated S2W staff and implement a similar model.

Zac, an initial early participant has developed his skills, confidence and public speaking rapidly, being a recent presenter to a group of 12 visiting disability professionals from Singapore. The professionals who completed staff training program organised by CBS Inc., all work supporting people with a disability mainly in school transition programs. Zac said “I am so much more confident now, I am doing work experience in administration and reception, getting praise from other people and feel I can now do a lot more.”

In terms of innovation, CBS Inc. is partnering with Flinders University College of Business, Government and Law. We are working with law students and staff there, plus Neota Logic to develop two apps. The apps may potentially help people with a disability better understand and access the Disability Support Pension and understand how wage earnings effect income support, making on the spot calculations easier. S2W has been a key link in these concepts.

If you would like to know more, please contact Craig Love or Gabby Jones on 08 8224 2900.

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