IPS Success

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence based employment program that supports people with a significant mental illness to gain and maintain employment. The IPS model has proven to achieve greater success supporting people with significant mental illness into employment. Consumers are supported to find employment that aligns with individual preferences.

“I was pretty beaten down about not working…now I have work I feel more positive and hopeful about my future”
IPS Participant

Since 2016 CBS Inc. has partnered with Country Health SA Local Health Network to deliver an IPS pilot across three regional centres- the first of its kind in South Australia. The three sites include Murraylands, Riverland and Port Pirie. A total of 74 people were supported in the IPS program with 54% gaining employment.

IPS Finalist certificate

The key factor to the success of IPS is the service integration. CBS Employment Specialists are co-located with Mental Health Clinicians and work collaboratively. IPS success is underpinned by the programs 8 core practice principles and 25 item fidelity scale. IPS supports people into work when they are motivated and provides time unlimited support to ensure employment is retained.

The IPS Program was evaluated on fidelity in July 2017 and all three sites achieved a score of 100 or more out of 125. This demonstrates “good” fidelity and is reflected by the achievements of the pilot.

Usually employment is not considered as a component of recovery from mental illness. IPS demonstrates the real value of employment and the benefits a job can bring.

The IPS Partnership was a finalist in the 2017 SA Health Mental Health Excellence and Innovation Award which was a great achievement for all involved.

CBS Inc. is looking to expand its IPS programs into other regional and metropolitan areas in 2018 and is excited about the opportunity to support participant recovery through employment.

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