Give and Take

Tim Wiseman looks at the latest Department of Employment figures, which are positive, but not necessarily for all job seekers.

From a peak of 13 per cent in Murray Bridge, the proportion of people looking for work fell to 8.9pc by September, according to figures released by the Department of Employment last month.
The city’s jobless rate is still several points higher than the rest of SA, but the gap has closed.
The upswing is even more impressive considering the growth in the number of locals seeking work over the past year. In Murray Bridge, 427 extra people were competing for available jobs.
The unemployment rate fell in smaller towns as well, down to 6.4pc in Mannum, 5.5pc in the wider Murray Bridge district, 5.4pc in the Coorong, 4.1pc in Strathalbyn and just 3.7pc in Karoonda and Lameroo.

“A lot of our people can’t do full-time work, a lot don’t have the physical capacity to do that sort of work, or have done that work in the past but can no longer do it.” Tim said. “Employment rates could increase significantly, but may not necessarily translate into opportunities for people with a disability.”

Tim Wiseman looks at figures
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