Chirrup SALA Description – more detail

This year we have 26 artists represented in our SALA exhibition showing paintings and drawings made since last year’s SALA exhibition.

Artists are very much individuals, and everyone works on projects that are largely self directed with guidance and tuition from Hans Kreiner (Art Facilitator) to assist with development of skills and knowledge. Hans’ role is art facilitator/tutor and curator of the exhibition, working with artists in two hour art sessions, once a week at Eastwood Community Centre on Wednesday afternoons and at Broughton Art Studio on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Mervyn Chapman runs another group at Salisbury, and those artists are also represented in our exhibition

There is a summary of Chirrup in the SALA program guide containing a comprehensive description of the program. CBS Inc. also has an advertisement and editorial piece in the August edition of Adelaide Review which features another image of one of our artists paintings.

There are approximately 50 paintings and drawings on show plus an installation of small sculptures by myself.

Hans Kreiner

Blue and purple paint
Graham Harris's artwork airport adventure
chirrup art exhibit
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