CBS Inc. helping to change lives

COMMUNITY Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. changed Berri woman Tia Halakas’ life when its staff approached a local car dealership and found her employment.

After six years without work, Tia – who lives with cerebral palsy – received the call she had been wait-ing for last month, and is now an administrative assistant at Rosenthal Automotive.

CBS Inc. employment officer Kelly Watson sat through the interview process with Tia, who started work at the dealership the next day. Ms Watson said her position with CBS Inc. was “very rewarding” and that she could relate to her clients seeking employment.“We have all been in those shoes – waiting to hear back about work – and when Tia heard she had received the position I shared in her excitement, knowing how it feels,” she said.“It is very rewarding to help someone find a purpose.

“CBS Inc. assist their clients every step of the way, from finding work to developing resumes and providing them with uniforms, transport, training and any other sup-port and assistance required to secure ongoing employment.”

Tia said she was “extremely grateful” to all involved in giving her the employment opportunity.“Thank you very much to CBS Inc. and the team at Rosenthal for giving me a chance,” she said.
“I struggled to find work over the past six years and lost track of the number of jobs I applied for.“The people here are absolutely fantastic and I am learning a lot.”

Rosenthal Automotive dealer principal Belinda Stiles said the dealership employed another CBS Inc. client, as a part-time detailer. “We believe it’s important for everyone who may
be experiencing some challenges in life, but have a great attitude and a strong desire to work, be given an employment opportunity,” she said.

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