CBS Inc. Investing in Rural NDIS Supports


Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. is a leader in NDIS Supports and Disability Employment Services (DES) in South Australia and is committed to continuing to provide quality services after 26 years of success. We have much pleasure in announcing our regional service expansion in Port Pirie with the purchase of a dedicated building for our growing NDIS services and soon to commence renovation.

Founder and Executive Director of CBS Inc., Freddie Brincat OAM said “We have been committed since our beginning to support both Metro and Regional / remote areas of South Australia. It is very important to have community services where people live. It’s exciting to announce this greater expansion due to demand by people with a disability and their families. Thank you to the Department of Social Services (DSS) and the NDIS for helping to make this expansion possible. Recent additional payments during COVID gave us the confidence to continue providing safe, reliable and quality supports and to invest some cash reserves into improved infrastructure and resources. We thank the local community and businesses for their continued support which has led to investing in and prioritising this new location.”

The most recent State of the Disability Sector report by National Disability Services (NDS), highlighted the need for investment in regional areas finding “many organisations were unable to provide some of the services requested by NDIS participants. Eighty per cent of respondents reported that they had received requests for disability services they had been unable to provide. This was largely due to not having enough staff or not having staff who were qualified to assist the clients with the services. In some cases, clients were turned away because their plan would not cover the requested service.”

With this expansion in services to the rural community, CBS Inc. shows a strong position as a leading disability service provider with an aim to support and invest in the local community and reach more people with disability to help them live their best lives. Fiona Daniel, CBS Inc. NDIS Regional Coordinator commented on the move, “I am excited about the opportunity to reflect the services we want to provide in an appropriate purpose-built space. Our clients have also been so helpful and excited to pack up and move to a bigger space.”

Senior NDIS Program Officer in Beyond. Making it Happen! program, Lucy Pennell added, “It’s an ambitious move, with big potential for opportunity in the NDIS sector. Watch this space!”

Beyond. Making it Happen! Port Pirie NDIS program participants Isaiah Caputo, Kai Clarke, Martin Rigg, agreed, “It’s great, there’s more space, open windows, open doors, new activities like gardening and the beach across the road… space to have fun!”

CBS Inc. has learned over the years that if you have the best staff, mentors, resources and infrastructure you can move mountains, and this is what has been missing at times before the NDIS.

You can find our new NDIS Port Pirie site at 88 Main Road Port Pirie.