Recreation Skill Development

CBS will support you to develop your strengths through a range of community based experiences. Our staff will help you achieve your goals through planned small group activities.


Jobnet Employment Program

The Jobnet Employment Program assists people with a disability, illness, injury and/or disadvantage to find and maintain employment. The program is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS).


For Employers

We want to help your business thrive and give people with a disability the opportunity to contribute to our economic future. Employers can access valuable employees who are reliable, skilled and have a desire to work.

Moonlight Speakers Hit the Mark

Moonlight Speakers and Leaders includes six young talented people with lived experience of disability interacting within our community to challenge and create positive change and value through honesty, integrity and humour. Speakers will collaborate with the public by shining a light on creative thinking while focusing on the talents and positive contributions of difference. Moonlight Speakers have found ways to bring stigma out of the shadows of Australian society, to believe to achieve and help lead the way.

Executive Director and Founder, Freddie Brincat said, “Leaders are partially born and partially made and as we provided expert training from Vinh Giang (international keynote speaker) the skills, confidence and self-belief of our speaker group grew quickly. Practicing leadership and public speaking at businesses like Ernst & Young has further built the aspirations of speakers to now launch Moonlight Speakers as a social enterprise business.”

Founding member, Graeme from Murray Bridge said, “As a speaker, I want to change public perception to not pigeonhole people and to understand our unique individuality and diversity.”

To book a Moonlight Speaker, contact Trevor Love or phone 08 8207 1210.

Great Service with a Smile –
Let us be seen for our abilities, not our disabilities.

Ilona (CCSA)

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Amelia Rix Award

I became involved in supporting Amelia through community recreation and other life experiences in around 1992, when she was about 14 years old. Her positive attitude and love of life and people was a reflection of her parents (the late Barbara Rix OAM and Ted Rix). Over this time other staff worked closely with Amelia. Out of the sad and hurtful experience of Amelia’s passing, Barb found a way to make good, by establishing this Award dedicated to Amelia’s memory, to help other people to be happier by recognising their strengths and successes.
Freddie Brincat OAM

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